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Baby-LIN products are used in situations where the user requires communication throw LIN or CAN-bus. Baby-LIN family can be used in laboratories, test systems, and production systems (EOL applications).

All Baby-LIN products allow different modes of operation for typical use cases:

  • Monitor: Monitoring and recording of frames or signal values presents on the Bus.
  • Control: Control bus devices from LINWorks applications or external applications.
  • Programming: Create a program in the Baby-LIN to execute a script to control and monitor the device autonomously without using a PC.


The Baby-LIN-3-Single is the most compact new generation system to control a LIN-bus via USB in Baby-LIN family. The PC can function as a LIN monitor, LIN master or LIN slave. 

The system also supports standalone mode operation and allows continuous running sequences to be run without a PC. Furthermore, galvanic isolation ensures interference-free data transmission.

The Baby-LIN-3-RCplus is a new generation compact LIN and CAN simulator that is perfectly suited for use in stand-alone mode thanks to its 9 freely configurable buttons, its 1.54-inch screen and its expandable microSD card.

 Two PWM-capable inputs/outputs enable extensive sequence options, which can be defined with our LINWorks software package. Signals can be displayed and sequences selected on the configurable GUI.

The Baby-LIN-II is the most compact second generation system to control and monitor a device using LIN-bus manufactured by Lipowsky.
It is used with a PC and can also operate in Stand Alone mode.

Can be used as a LIN monitor or to simulate a master or slave on a LIN network

The Baby-LIN-RC-II is a handy LIN simulator that is perfect for use in stand-alone mode because of its 6 freely configurable buttons and expandable micro SD card. 

With our LINWorks software package, all necessary LIN nodes and macros can be defined, which are reliably executed on the Baby-LIN-RC-II.

The Baby-LIN-RM-III is a LIN and CAN bus combination device for easy connection to PLC-based EOL systems. With the digital inputs and outputs and the extension to CAN-FD support, all interfaces are provided. 

In conjunction with our LINWorks software, Marcos can be programmed, with which the Baby-LIN-RM-III serves countless task areas even in stand-alone mode.

The Baby-LIN-MB-II is a LIN and CAN-bus simulation system with RS-232 and Ethernet interface. This allows you to expand your PLC with network protocols and remote maintenance functions for an upgrade to the industry 4.0. 

With the ability to switch between multiple LIN bus configurations and the MIF module extensions, the Baby-LIN-MB-II can be customised for many applications.

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